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Submission Method

To increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of our article review process, SMU Law Review exclusively accepts electronic submissions via Scholastica.  Submissions delivered by mail or email will not be considered, except as reflected below. 
2019 Symposium
The 2019 Symposium issue will commemorate the 100th Anniversary of two landmark free speech cases: Schenck v. United States and Abrams v. United States. We welcome commentary on any aspect of the cases or their impact, as well as your thoughts on the general development of free speech law since these cases were decided. We prefer shorter articles of fewer than fifteen published pages in length, and in no event longer than twenty-five pages.  We accept symposium submissions through email at smueic@smu.edu.  Please include a manuscript, CV, and cover letter and include "Symposium Submission" in the subject line.

Expedited Review

We will do our best to accommodate expedite requests during the academic year. Requests should be sent to smueic@smu.edu with the words “Expedite Request” appearing in the subject heading. In addition, please provide the title of any other publication currently making a publication offer along with the respective decision deadline.  We are not able to perform expedited reviews during the summer.


SMU Law Review welcomes article submissions from judges, professors, practitioners, and law clerks, but does not accept submissions from current law students. We publish four times each year and typically accept unsolicited submissions for the spring, fall, and winter issues.


Times 11 or larger font is required for all submissions. Additionally, submissions must contain footnote, not endnote, citations that conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation or, when appropriate, The Greenbook: Texas Rules of Style.

All submissions should include (1) a cover letter containing the author’s contact information and the title of the manuscript, (2) a resume or curriculum vitae for the author, (3) a brief abstract (under 250 words) on a separate page, and (4) a copy of the manuscript.

SMU Law Review has no minimum or maximum page requirements for submissions, though brevity is valued.


Questions regarding submissions policies should be directed to smueic@smu.edu.

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