Recent Developments In Aviation Law  3-44
Hugh R. Koss, Michael L. Rodenbaugh, Eric C. Strain
Mental Stress and Physical Factors in the Termincal Phase of Fatal Aircraft Accidents: A Review of Related Scientific Literature, the Significance of Recovered Voice Recorder Tapes and the Victim's Perception of Injury in the Last Nanoseconds of Life  45-50
Richard A. Levy, M.D., M.P.H., test

Business-Driven Negotiations for Satellite System Coordination: Reforming the International Telecommunication Union to Increase Commercially Oriented Negotiations Over Scarce Frequent Spectrum  51-75
Capitain Roscoe M. Moore, III

ER in the Skies: In-Flight Medical Emergencies  77-123
Robert F. Ruckman

Japanese Laws Related to Airport Development and the Need to Revise Them  125-136
Isaku Shibata


Trying to Level the Playing Field: Management's Entitelment to Economic Damages Resulting from Illegal Labor Strikes  139-187
Michael Shane Alfred

Peanut-Free Buffer Zones: Has the Department of Transportation Gone Nuts?  189-221
Kari McWilliams

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